Thursday, July 2, 2009 Open Access Arts and Humanities Ejournal Search Engine is a search engine that indexes and delivers results from over 3,000 full-text English language ejournals and scholarly websites in arts and humanities. Most of the journals indexed are open access or provide mostly free content. Jurn is a welcome addition to the range of tools for searching the ever-increasing amounts of open access and other free scholarly resources on the web. Sites such as the Directory of Open Access Journals, OAIster and Google Scholar do a laudable job of tracking and searching much open access literautre, there are still many sites not indexed by those engines. Google Scholar also mixes up free and paid resources- many of their search results are locked behind subscription databases like EBSCOhost and JSTOR who make their bibliographic records findable by Google Scholar. While that strategy is wonderful for article discovery, it is a hinderance for students who don't have access to those resources.

Jurn is a Google custom search engine. As such, the full range of Google search modifiers can be used to limit and refine queries in the Jurn search box.

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